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Stallions Waterproofing

Stallions Waterproofing

Waterproofing - Lurnea, NSW 2170

Lurnea Expert in Waterproofing Services

ABN: 25 299 815 271

111a Hill Road, Lurnea, NSW 2170

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Specialists in Waterproofing Lurnea

Specialists in Waterproofing

High Quality Waterproof Membranes Lurnea

High Quality Waterproof Membranes

Lurnea Waterproofing Contractors Lurnea

Lurnea Waterproofing Contractors

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About Us

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Below Ground Tanking Services

Our Lurnea waterproofing is not only required in building construction but is also essential in ensuring the structure built can withstand major structural damage. Our Lurnea waterproofing experts also use different methods of waterproofing in Lurnea to ensure that the structure cannot be penetrated by water, and is protected from moulds, decay and other moisture related problems. Our Waterproofing experts in Lurnea use the interior wall and floor sealers, interior water drainage, exterior drainage and exterior waterproofing coatings.

Specialist in Waterproofing Services

Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea is a team of experienced technical consultants who have an extensive knowledge of the waterproofing Industry. Our Lurnea waterproofing team has the ability to undertake analytical investigations where problems of groundwater penetration occur is borne out of our Lurnea waterproofing team extensive experience in providing a remedy to failed waterproofing systems.

Our Lurnea waterproofing team has been setting the standard for great customer service and top-notch workmanship. Our Lurnea waterproofing team works in a timely manner without ever compromising quality. Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea takes the time to listen to you in order to give you the best possible options available for your project. Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea have years of experience and expertise assures our homeowners and other possible clients that their project will be handled professionally, on time, and within their allotted budget for the project. Our Lurnea waterproofing team has built honesty and integrity provided for by our clients. In addition, our waterproofing team in Lurnea is dedicated to customer service and offers fast and reliable services.

Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea offers a huge a variety of services for your waterproofing needs. Our Lurnea waterproofing provides below ground tanking services; deck membranes services; membrane roofing, waterproofing for bathrooms, wet areas and sealant applications services.
Our Lurnea's Waterproofing mission is to provide a long-term solution to our client's building concerns. Lurnea waterproofing problems will be an ongoing and costly dilemma if left untreated. Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea provides solutions for defects which is one of the largest costs to the building owner and the industry in relation to post construction problems. Our Lurnea waterproofing experts have the most number of experience with a wide range of building products and processes used for the protection of new building structures. When you want the job done by a company you can trust call our Lurnea Waterproofing at our Lurnea waterproofing hotline 0414 088 640.

Lurnea Waterproofing
Stallions Waterproofing
0414 088 640 Lurnea

Lurnea Waterproofing Contractors

Products and Services


Grouting, Installation, Repairs, Restoration, Resurfacing, Servicing


Compounds, Damp Proof Coatings, Flashing, Industrial Coatings, Sealants


Facades, Floors, Fountains, Joints, Liners, Matting, Podiums, Roofs, Tanks, Tiles, Trafficable Membranes, Walls, Waterproof Membranes


Cracks, Dust, Leaks, Rising Damp, Rust


Servicing Suburbs


  • Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes, Stallions Waterproofing in Lurnea guarantees their work. They have a team of experienced technical consultants who have an extensive knowledge base of the waterproofing Industry.

  • Are your Lurnea waterproofing employees been duly licenced to execute such task?

    Yes, all our Lurnea waterproofing experts are fully licensed and registered. They have been provided with extensive training and knowledge that can best help in ensuring that the structure is 100% waterproof.

  • Are your waterproofing employees in Lurnea all insured?

    Yes, all Lurnea waterproofing experts are all insured and licenced. Everyone is competent enough to be able to execute the safe waterproofing of the structure assigned to be waterproofed.

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