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Hunter Districts Cycling Club Inc.

Bicycle Clubs - Lambton, NSW 2299

PO Box 126, Lambton, NSW 2299

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Lambton Bicycle Club

Friendly Lambton Bicycle Club Members

Servicing Suburbs

  • How do I sign up for membership at your bicycle club in Lambton?

    In order to sign up for our bicycle club membership at Lambton Hunter Districts Cycling Club Inc, please call our friendly staff at (02) 4952 9697 to learn more about individual or group membership fees and details.

  • What are the best ways for me to learn new tricks quick in your Lambton bicycle club?

    At our Lambton bicycle club, we do not want you to just do tricks right away. We would recommend you consult with our professional Lambton bicycle club coach for you to be evaluated and trained accordingly.

  • What gears and clothing type should I use?

    We have a set of gear and clothing standards at our Lambton bicycle club, namely: a bicycle helmet, long legged tear resistant jeans with knee pads, long sleeved top tucked in to the pants, fully enclosed shoes and full finger gloves.

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