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Travel Agents - Lakemba, NSW 2195

Experience The World With These Outstanding Lakemba Travel Agents

Haldon Street, Lakemba, NSW 2195

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Best Airfare Deals With Lakemba Travel Agents

All your travel needs in one will be addressed by our Lakemba travel agents in A&F Viva Pinoy!

Professional Lakemba Travel Agents

A&F Viva Pinoy Lakemba is also known as Viva Travel Action that provides a variety of travel services. Our travel agents will be more than happy to assist you with airfare ticketing, budget accommodation, holiday travel packages, international money transfers, and sending cargo boxes.

Our Lakemba travel agents specialise in Filipino airfares and packages. But our travel agents are also experienced in catering travel packages all around the world. Our Lakemba clients may wish to travel in Africa, Middle East, Asia, South Pacific, Europe, and South America.

A&F Viva Pinoy Lakemba is a family-owned business that promises to deliver excellent customer service, competitive travel rates, and highest exchange rates for money transfers. Our travel agents are outstanding in performance giving them an advantage over others.

Our Lakemba travel agents are highly-trained in sealing the best holiday and travel package for your needs. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family, or as a group, we can customise the right package that suits your team. Just get in touch with our Lakemba travel agents and give us the details so we can work on it on your desired dates.

If you need to book a flight, call our travel agents in our Lakemba office and we will have your flight scheduled with great savings.

If you need quality accommodation that suits your budget, then we have the latest deals that you can choose from. Book it in advance so you can secure a slot and get the best deal. Our travel agents are always looking for the best accommodation deals in various budget ranges of the highest quality.

If you are planning a trip to Asia or Europe, then our Lakemba travel agents are perfect for the job. We have special tours and packages that will make your holiday experience even more exchanted.

Apart from travel packages and needs, A&F Viva Pinoy Lakemba also provides International Money Transfer that is definitely fast, secure and reliable. We have very competitive transfer rates with low charges.

Our Lakemba Filipino customers get the best deals because we also offer sea and air freight cargo boxes for sending to the Philippines. Our travel agents will assist you if this will be your first time sending cargo boxes. We are affiliated with BM Express.

Since we love to cater to Filipinos, we also offer Filipino Catering services of delicious and famous Pinoy foods in Lakemba. We can offer Special Palabok, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, Menudo, Adobo, Dinuguan, Laing, Caldareta, Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, Cassava Cake, Ube Halaya, Biko (with purple yam or jackfruit), Sapin-Sapin, Steamed Puto, Spring rolls, and many more!

Our travel agents will highly encourage you to also try booking flights to the Philippines because we offer awesome rates and destinations that will leave you in wonder. Our travel agents know what they are talking about because they have seen the beauty of this beloved country.

Call our travel agents in Lakemba right now and get free quotation on travel packages and other services. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Lakemba Travel Agents
02 9750 8810 Lakemba

Cargo Boxes to Philippines | Lakemba Travel Agents

Products and Services

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Servicing Suburbs


  • Does your travel agents offer worldwide flights and accommodation?

    Yes! Our travel agents in Lakemba will present to you all the destinations you can think of around the world. We have travel packages for holidays and leisure time that will suit your needs.

  • Do you also offer accommodation services?

    We also offer accommodation as part of you travel package. Our travel agents in Lakemba will show you the latest deals based on you budget so you get the choose the place where you will stay and enjoy it.

  • What other services do you offer?

    Our travel agents mainly offer travel services. But you may visit them in our Lakemba office to inquire about our International Money Transfer service, cargo boxes, and Filipino catering services. They would be happy to assist you.

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