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Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association

Bird Clubs - Lake Haven, NSW 2263

One of Lake Haven's Premier Bird Clubs

ABN: 54 943 635 817

17 Alisa Cl, Lake Haven, NSW 2263

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About Us

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Established bird clubs in Lake Haven

The Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association of Lake Haven prides itself as one of the premier bird clubs in Lake Haven. We cater to Lake Haven bird racing enthusiasts throughout the entirety of Lake Haven by providing them with one of the most organized and reliable bird clubs in Lake Haven that they can be a part of.

Through our regular Lake Haven racing events, this bird club has compiled statistics such as win rates, velocity data and other information important to any Lake Haven racing enthusiast and bird club member. As an Lake Haven bird club, we also interact with other bird clubs in the surrounding regions in order to further improve our services and provide a suitable venue for Lake Haven residents to practice the hobby that they love. In line with this, this bird club is also in constant communication with Lake Haven veterinary services in order to keep our Lake Haven bird club members abreast on the latest developments, especially when it involves the health of the racing pigeons. We as a bird club take the interests of our members very seriously.

Contact us to now to learn more about how you can be a member of this bird club and its benefits. Introduce yourself to the joy that pigeon racing in Lake Haven can bring. Being part of an Lake Haven bird club also connects you better to your community and will help you find kindred spirits in the bird club who share the same passion for pigeon racing as you. The Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association of Lake Haven is not just a bird club, it's a community of dedicated enthusiasts who are committed to attaining the highest levels of the sport under the guidance of a bird club.

If you are new to the sport of pigeon racing or would like to get into the practice, then there is no better venue to learn more than Lake Haven's very own bird club, the Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association.

Lake Haven Bird Clubs
Central Coast Racing Pigeon Association
02 4393 6345 Lake Haven

Lake Haven pigeon racing bird clubs at its best



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Servicing Suburbs

Q & A

  • Do you offer a free tour of your Lake Haven bird club premises?

    We pride ourselves as an Lake Haven bird club that is caring and friendly. So yes, we can give you a guided tour of our premises and overview of our activities so that you can have a better idea if we are a right fit for you or not.

  • What are the benefits of joining?

    As a bird club, we have compiled various statistics in the Lake Haven region such as velocity calculations and rankings. We also hold regular competitions so that members have a continuous opportunity to try their hand in the races.

  • Will I get help in starting out?

    We all want our bird club members in Lake Haven to succeed, so if you need help and guidance at any step of the process, please feel free to contact us. We want our community to grow, so engagement with our members is a top priority. We are also in constant communication with veterinary clinics so that you are always appraised of any developments that affect that health of your birds.

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