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Allelec Pty Ltd

Electricians - Kings Park, NSW 2148

Highly Skilled Electricians in Kings Park

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30 Harvey Rd

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Expert Electricians Kings Park

Expert Electricians

Trustworthy Electricians Kings Park

Trustworthy Electricians

Quality Service Kings Park Electricians Kings Park

Quality Service Kings Park Electricians

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About Us

  • Reliable Electricans in Kings Park

  • Kings Park Domestic and Commercial Electricians

  • Electrical Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Allelec Pty Ltd is your trusted Kings Park electrician. Our Kings Park electricians offer you our expertise. Our company has over 21 years of experience working successfully for the biggest companies in Australia. We only give you quality service. Our expertise on all your electrical services needs is tried and tested. We meet or exceed the industry standards, so you can be sure that our work is of high calibre. Contact us now!

Reliable Electricans in Kings Park

Are you looking for industrial and commercial electrical services and electricians that will fit your budget? Offers high skilled electricians and high-quality services? Electricians, that consider the safety of its clients? Allelec Electrical services in Kings Park is what you are looking for.

Most Recommended Electrical Service Provider in Kings Park

If you are looking for an Industrial-Commercial Electrical Services and electricians within Kings Park, Allelec Pty Ltd is all fit for you. Professionally offers high-standard and quality-wise electrical services and electricians located in Kings Park. Our endeavor is to provide safe and reliable electrical services and electricians, installation, re-wirings, smoke alarms, maintenance, and repairs. Allelec electricians in Kings Park are highly skilled and always considers the safety of its clients in Kings Park. Electricians that does not just work for a living but also saved lives.

Experiencing electrical issues in Kings Park? Afraid of taking the risk to fix it? Allelec Electrical Services in Kings Park is a helping hand for you and within your reach.

Many industrial and commercial businesses don't have in-house electricians and don't really understand what electrical maintenance and safety are. Electrical services are not just something we are obliged to do but also should be taken seriously. All business personnel should be educated and have basic knowledge of this electrical issues and not just electricians. Electrical issues, not being dealt with, could take lives in just one click. Electrical problems should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any untoward electrical incidents like fire. Precautionary measures should be observed. So before anything happens, Allelec electrical services are always within your reach in Kings Park.

Allelec Electrical Services and Electricians is considered as one of the top performings electrical services with high skilled electricians in Kings Park. We set out to provide quality services and electricians at Kings Park and services like smoke installations, repairs and maintenance as well. Our services provide convenience, eligibility, and safety. Cater's services within Kings Park in all industrial and commercial business. In Kings Park, there are tons of company that offers electrical services but in Allelec, you are rest assured, excellent services and Kings Park is in safety.

In Allelec Electrical Services and Electricians at Kings Park, you could expect:
High-quality services and great deals.
Professional and highly skilled electricians.
Services and electricians that consider the safety of its clients.

Kings Park Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services
Allelec Electrical Services
(02) 9678 9400 Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services

Quality Service Kings Park Electricians

Products and Services


3 Phase Supply, Cabling, Connections, Data Cabling, Design, Drafting, Electrical Drawings, Fault Detection, Fibre Optic Terminating, Fire Protection, High Voltage Installation, High Voltage Maintenance, Inspections, Installation, Low Voltage Work, MATV, Maintenance, Meter Installation, Networking, Overhead Work, Power Distribution, Reconnections, Renovations, Repairs, Rewiring, Servicing, Solar Power, Tagging, Testing, Troubleshooting, Under Floor, Underground Work, Upgrades, Video Security, Wiring


Commercial, Industrial, Irrigation, Marine, Residential, Rural, Strata


Air Conditioning, Alarms, Boilers, Closed Circuit Television, Computers, Cookers, Cooking Equipment, Coolers, Data Points, Downlights, Dryers, Ducted Systems, Fans, Fire Alarms, Fittings, Floodlights, Fluorescent Lights, Freezers, Furnaces, Garage Doors, Garden Lighting, Gates, HMP, Hand Tools, Heat Pumps, Heaters, Hot Plates, Hot Water Heaters, Intercoms, Internet Connections, Kilns, LAN, LED Lighting, Lamps, LIghting, Meter Boxes, MIcrowaves, Motion Detectors, Motors, Outdoor Lighting, Ovens, Overhead Mains, PABX, Phones, Pool Lighting, Portable Units, Power Lines, Power Tools, Pumps, Reconditioned Units, Refrigerated Cooling Systems, Refrigerators, Reverse Cycle Systems, Room Units, Safes, Safety Switches, Sensors, Smoke Alarms, Spas, Split Systems, Stoves, Street Lights, Surveillance Systems, Switchboards, Switches, Television Aerials, Televisions, Traffic Lights, UPS, Utilities, WAN, Wall Units, Washing Machines, White Goods, i-Controls

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Banks, Buildings, Caravan Parks, Factories, Farms, Flats, High Rises, Houses, Medical Centres, Mobile Homes, Offices, Schools, Sheds, Shops, Sports Fields, Swimming Pools


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Can you please give me specific services of Allelec Electrical Services in Kings Park?

    Our Kings Park Allelec Electrical Services includes highly skilled and professional electricians, installation and re-wirings, smoke alarms, maintenance, and repairs both for Industrial and Commercial businesses. We assure you that your expectations will be met.

  • What should we expect in Allelec Electrical Services?

    Allelec Electrical Services Kings Park provides eligible services and craftsmanship. You can expect top-quality services and professional electricians that consider the safety of its clients.Considered as one of the top Electrical Service providers in Kings Park.

  • Why choose AllelecElectrical Services?

    Aside from being considered as one of the top performing electrical service providers in Kings Park, our goal is to give our clients eligible and reliable electrician services and consider the safety of its personnel.

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