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Pest Control Jobs | Gunnedah Pest Control Services Gunnedah

Pest Control Jobs | Gunnedah Pest Control Services

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Pest n Carpet is aiming to provide you with a standard of excellence in every general pet control job anywhere in Gunnedah. We are aiming to provide you with an innovative solution for general pest control anywhere in Gunnedah. Pest n Carpet is aiming not just to remove the pest but we also take measures such as regular pest control inspections to ensure your home is always pest free. Our Gunnedah team ensure that we provide you with preventative pest control methods to treat any infestation. Our team in Gunnedah goal is to providing you great pest control service that protects your home and business. Our affordable price will never compromise the quality of our pest control service. For your peace of mind, our pest control service is fully insured and bonded.

Wide Range Pest Control Service in Gunnedah

Our pest control services in Gunnedah are fully committed to providing you with a thorough Gunnedah pest control services which they are implementing their strict standards of top-quality standards. Our pest control services are fully insured, licensed and bonded to provide their customers with consistency and peace of mind. Pest n Carpet pest control services in Gunnedah know that in many cases we can change the environment and by understanding the behaviour of the pest we can solve the problem. There is no pest problem that is too BIG or small for Pest n Carpet services in Gunnedah.

Pest n Carpet is aiming to be the leading pest control company around Gunnedah that provide quality and effective workmanship. Gunnedah Pest n Carpet provides complete safety for your family as well as your surroundings because we use the latest technology & methods to contain Gunnedah Pest Control issues. Gunnedah Pest n Carpet goal is to ensure that best possible pest control results will be out with a cost-efficient budget.

Call our expert Gunnedah for your pest control problems.

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Pest n Carpet
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Pest Control Jobs | Gunnedah Pest Control Services

Products and Services


Baiting Systems, Barriers, Bionic Ear, Bird Nets, Borescope, Chemicals, Insecticides, Nettings, Parasiticides, Pest Proofing Supplies, Pesticides, Pheromone Traps, Reticulation Systems, Rodenticides, Screens, Sprays, Termiticides


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Allergies, Infestations, Nests, Odours, Safety


Bird Control, Deodorising, Extermination, Fumigation, Heat Treatments, Infrared Imaging, Inspections, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Protection, Reports, Testing, Thermal Imaging, Trapping, Treatments


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How to request for an appointment?

    You can contact our pest control services in Gunnedah at 0455 141 643 to request and book an appointment. Pest n Carpet offer a wide range pest control service around Gunnedah. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What Areas Do You Operate In?

    Pest n Carpet service all suburbs of Gunnedah and near cities. We provide a free with no obligation quote. Call our skilled team on 0455 141 643 for a quote. We also provide an expert general pest control advice.

  • Are your pest control treatments guaranteed?

    Yes. All of our general pest control services is guaranteed. Pest n Carpet use an innovative solution and cost-effective pest control products that are safe to humans health. Call our Gunnedah team on 0455 141 643 for a quote.

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