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Australian Badminton Academy

Australian Badminton Academy

Badminton Court - Denistone, NSW 2114

Denistone Respectable Badminton Club

ABN: 37 545 176 037

17 Bellevue Ave, Denistone, NSW 2114

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Advanced Training Course Denistone

Advanced Training Course

Expert Workmanship Denistone

Expert Workmanship

Best Badminton Club Denistone Badminton Court Denistone

Best Badminton Club Denistone Badminton Court

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About Us

  • Denistone Badminton Club with Fastest Shuttlecock

  • Denistone Badminton Equipment Supplier

  • Badminton Club with Advanced Training Course

Denistone Badminton Club with Fastest Shuttlecock

Australian Badminton Academy was established in 2002 by Australia's most successful Olympian Anna Lao. Our badminton club in Denistone is the first registered badminton coaching academy that specially designed courses for beginners wanting to learn the basic skills. In our badminton club of Denistone, we also cater for players of Intermediate, Advanced and Elite Levels that provide individual and group coaching. Our badminton club of Denistone is the supplier of all badminton equipment needs. We give you competition from our badminton club of Denistone that are open to everyone. Fun and an opportunity to meet and connect in Denistone with the greater badminton club community is our goal. Since the establishment of our badminton club in Denistone, we have achieved considerable success. We are currently well recognised in Sydney as an Academy of quite a high level and nationally we are the biggest badminton club in Denistone. We have trained over 80 players from badminton club who have actually represented the state in national competitions in Denistone.

Denistone High Performance Badminton Club

At Australian Badminton Academy of Denistone, our badminton club offers TRAINING, COMPETITION, 50% OFF* and SOCIAL. Our badminton club offers different classes in Denistone that you can choose which best suits your needs. We, at our badminton club, has intensive course and provide advanced training courses in Denistone. While other racket sports in Denistone are respectable in their own rights, badminton owns the title of “Fastest Racket Sport.” The fastest shuttlecock speed officially recorded was 493kph. By comparison, the fastest tennis serves ever recorded was 263kph. Our badminton club also caters to players of all skill levels and maintains a delicate balance between being easy enough to learn for beginners, and competitive enough for advanced players in Denistone. Our badminton club has limited offers for 50% OFF YOUR FIRST TERM. In our badminton club, we totally aim for fun and exciting experience for anyone wishing to pursue badminton not only during the school term, during our normal hours, but also in the holidays as well.

For more information, call us directly on (02) 9090 2678.

Denistone Badminton Club
Australian Badminton Academy
(02) 9090 2678 Denistone

Best Badminton Club Denistone Badminton Court

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Servicing Suburbs


    No, our badminton club of Denistone does not hire out courts to small groups or individuals. Kindly check out our website so you could find out more information about it.


    When you register on our badminton club of Denistone, we will automatically receive an order for your shirt, and when you arrive, your uniform will be available for pickup. If we do not have your shirt, contact us and we'll arrange for it immediately.


    As long as you are able to hold a racquet or a “children’s racquet”, you are able to join our badminton club in Denistone! We have had children as young as 5 years old and adults over 65 years old start! If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

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