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Concord Baseball Club Inc.

Concord Baseball Club Inc.

Baseball Clubs - Concord, NSW 2137

One of the Best Baseball Clubs in Concord

ABN: 41 378 823 380

35 Noble St, Concord, NSW 2137

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Well-known Baseball Club near Concord

Concord Baseball Club in Concord exists to promote the positive values associated with team sports and to provide safe, positive learning and playing environments for young people and adults to learn more about, play and watch the games of baseball. The Concord baseball club of Concord Baseball Club Inc. aims to compete in appropriate levels of competition by fielding teams for all youth age groups playing in the area of Concord and surrounding areas. Concord Baseball Club Inc. in Concord aims to continue to work with the development of the sports; which should see it eventually become one of the best baseball clubs in the Concord.

Friendly Club Staff

The Concord baseball club of Concord Baseball Club Inc. is always looking to expand and welcomes new members in Concord, whatever their experience. We currently run adult teams in the league with training sessions for those wanting to improve their play. There are baseball games during the evening for those wanting something more informal and also great for players new to the game.

Concord Concord Baseball Club Inc. main goal at the club is to play competitive baseball and have a great time doing it. The Concord baseball club is open to almost any age and encourages players of all abilities to come down and try it out. Our Concord baseball club has long-term plans to create youth and baseball teams, as well as grow the Concord baseball club beyond a singular squad, thus creating a strong hub in a region where baseball is currently sparse.

Concord and the surrounding areas are some of the most diverse in the whole country. We are proud of the inclusive ethos of our baseball club. Boys and girls are equally welcome and our Concord baseball club has female players at every level. Thousands of local young people have taken part in our Concord baseball club's outreach and holiday sessions and many of them have gone on to join the Concord baseball club and become skilled players.

Concord Baseball Club
Concord Baseball Club Inc.
02 9736 3758 Concord

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  • Where is your baseball club located in Concord?

    Concord Baseball Club Inc. is located at 35 Noble St, Concord NSW 2137. Our club has a strong emphasis on youth sports and community involvement and has strong links with local schools and other organisations.

  • Why choose us?

    Concord Baseball Club Inc. aims to provide the highest level of baseball coaching available in the Concord. Many of our coaches have played at a college level or above and all are qualified and checked. Many of our adult players, some of the best players in the Concord, are involved in coaching.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Concord Baseball Club Inc. at 02 9736 3758 for more information and details about our baseball club amenities and services. Our prompt and reliable staff are more than happy to give you a tour around. We look forward to hearing from you.

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