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Clovelly, Clovelly, NSW 2031

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Do you need help in getting up to speed with the new media? Media School is ready to provide you with digital marketing courses that convert. Businesses in Clovelly are best benefitted by the courses they offer, as they are fantastic tools to help them reach their goals. Enrol at Media School’s digital marketing courses in Clovelly so you’ll quickly learn how to get the new media working for you.

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Blogs, Branding, Business Solutions, Consultation, Content Management, e-business Solutions, Internet Consultancy, Internet Development, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, SEO Services, Social Media, Social Media Management


Content Management Systems, Email Marketing, Online Sales Management Systems, Search Engines, Website Optimisation


Business Websites, Customised Websites, Digital Content, Social Media Strategy


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  • Do I have to bring my own laptop during training?

    We highly recommend that you bring a laptop to facilitate learning in our digital marketing courses. While doing so is optional for the social media and blogging courses, it is mandatory for LinkedIn courses.

  • How do your digital marketing courses compare with the others offered in Clovelly?

    Our digital marketing courses are better than the others available in Clovelly because our classes are smaller and we foster a welcoming learning environment. We also use a strategic approach when teaching.

  • What are the levels of your digital marketing courses in Clovelly?

    We have beginner and intermediate levels. It is important to choose the level of your preferred digital marketing course. Call us or visit our school in Clovelly to know more about our training schedules.

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