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Expert Workmanship Canterbury Fencing Contractors Canterbury

Expert Workmanship Canterbury Fencing Contractors

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About our Business

  • Reliable Canterbury Fencing Contractors

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  • Local Fencing Contractors in Canterbury With Affordable Rates

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Reliable Canterbury Fencing Contractors

Looking for professional Canterbury fencing contractors? Get the best value for your money when you hire the seasoned and hardworking Canterbury fencing contractors of Strictly Fencing. These local fencing contractors in Canterbury are committed to providing exceptional services that are personalised to the clients’ requests, needs, and budget.

The Best Fencing Company With Quick and Reliable Services

Strictly Fencing is a registered, local business in Canterbury. Their team of highly qualified experts is among the most sought-after crew of professional fencing contractors throughout Canterbury. When you hire Strictly Fencing’s seasoned Canterbury fencing contractors, you can rest assured that your fence will be done professionally, meticulously, on time, and within your budget. These reliable fencing contractors in Canterbury also tailor their services to the clients’ specific needs and wants. The reliable Canterbury fencing contractors of Strictly Fencing is well-known for providing prompt, professional, and reasonably priced services. They are among the leading fencing contractors in Canterbury because they value the clients’ time, effort, and money. With Strictly Fencing’s Canterbury fencing contractors, you are guaranteed to receive fencing services that are of the highest quality industry standards. Their expert fencing contractors near Canterbury can find the most cost-effective solutions that match your needs and preferences.

Give your outdoor areas a makeover when you hire Strictly Fencing’s team of Canterbury experts today. In addition to being the best fencing contractors around Canterbury, they are also highly experienced in providing quality landscaping services. They are continuously working hard to continue being Canterbury’s number one choice when looking for professional fencing contractors in the area. You can trust them to provide exceptional and personalised services at budget-friendly rates.

Do you want to find out more about Strictly Fencing’s expert team of fencing contractors? Get a more detailed idea about their areas of expertise when you contact their very friendly staff directly on 0424 682 070. If you want to schedule an on-site visit and estimation service from their professional Canterbury fencing contractors, do not hesitate to get in touch with Strictly Fencing today.

Canterbury Fencing Contractors
Strictly Fencing
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Expert Workmanship Canterbury Fencing Contractors

Products and Services

Fence Type

Agricultural, Boundary, Construction, Crowd Control Barriers, Deer, Front Feature, Garden, High Security, Hoarding, Hobby Block, Horizontal Slat, Horse Fencing, Industrial, Internal, Kangaroo Fence, Lattice, Loop & Spear Top, Modular , Picket, Pinelap, Privacy, Rabbit Fence, Security, Semi-frameless, Spears, Stock Fencing, Temporary Fencing, Timberlap, Vermin Fence, Vineyard Trellising


Aluminum, Bamboo, Barbed Wire, Brick, Brushwood, Cast Stone, Concrete, Corrugated, Galvanised, Hardwood, Iron, Jarrah, Log, Metal, PVC, Palisade, Pine, Plaster, Powder Coated, Sandstone, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel, Steel, Treated, Vinyl, Wood


Capping, Customising, Design, Excavations, Fabrication, Fretwork, Installation, Levelling, Measuring, Post Ramming, Powder Coating, Reinforcement, Renovation, Repairs, Trenching


Chainlink, Chainmesh, Colonial, Diagonal, Diplomat, Federation, Flat Top, Heritage, Loop Top, Mesh, Picket Top, Rail, Ring Top, Ringlock, Rod Top, Woven Wire


Servicing Suburbs

  • Why are you the best fencing contractors around Canterbury?

    We, at Strictly Fencing, believe in exceptional services that are delivered promptly and competitively priced. That's the reason why we send out only our top fencing contractors in Canterbury to provide services that are in adherence to the industry's highest quality standards.

  • What are the services that you offer?

    You can rely on Strictly Fencing's team of professional and hardworking Canterbury fencing contractors to provide you with the most cost-effective fencing solutions. We can do fence installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance jobs. We are also highly experienced in providing other landscaping services.

  • How can we contact you?

    If you wish to schedule an on-site, project estimation service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Canterbury fencing contractors directly on 0424 682 070. Strictly Fencing is dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective and personalised fencing services throughout Canterbury.

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