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Newcastle Baseball Association

Newcastle Baseball Association

Baseball Clubs - Belmont, NSW 2280

Highly Rated Baseball Club in Belmont

21 Macquarie St, Belmont, NSW 2280

  • awards Impressive Game Safety Checklist
  • awards Registered Baseball Club in Belmont
  • awards Quality Baseball Protective Gears and Helmets
  • awards Modern Baseball Club Facilities in Belmont
  • awards Club Member of Australian Baseball Federation
  • awards Superb Major and Minor Baseball Leagues
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Registered Baseball Club Belmont

Registered Baseball Club

Professional Baseball Coaches Belmont

Professional Baseball Coaches

Outstanding Leagues Belmont Baseball Clubs Belmont

Outstanding Leagues Belmont Baseball Clubs

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About Us

  • Commendable Baseball Club in Belmont

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Commendable Baseball Club in Belmont

For many years now, Newcastle Baseball Association has been providing competitive baseball matches and awesome baseball club activities to the local community of Belmont. It has been a home for a roster of professional baseball players. This baseball club serves as a transformative sports arena for many a baseball player of Belmont. The thorough training and programs offered by Newcastle Baseball Association for its players make a huge bearing on their lives. This baseball club welcomes all Belmont players who are into baseball, novice or pro. Aside from being a top-notch baseball club, Newcastle Baseball Association is the best training ground for promising baseball players of Belmont. More than that, this baseball club in Belmont is a club member of Australian Baseball Federation.

Registered Baseball Club in Belmont

True to its advocacy of promoting and managing baseball in Belmont, our baseball club makes sure that the students are well guided and taught. Newcastle Baseball Association takes pride in its team of professional coaches who are committed to giving exceptional coaching and training. Being a part of our baseball club family here in Belmont guarantees provision of comprehensive instructions and fun-filled activities as well. Our baseball club offers different development programs for children of Belmont of different age levels. We have T-Ball or Zooka, Little League, Junior and Senior League. Kids and adults of Belmont will definitely enjoy their game of sport if they join our baseball club community. Not only will they be learned but surely, they will gain best buddies too.

Newcastle Baseball Association has a spacious baseball field conducive for challenging matches. Moreover, our baseball club has a wide selection of protective gears, throat guards, masks, baseball bats and helmets for its Belmont players that are of superior quality. We also offer Buy, Swap and Sell options for our Belmont baseball club members. Furthermore, to ensure safety, our Belmont baseball club observes a game safety checklist and abides by its club’s code of conduct.

Our baseball club has been a host for numerous special occasions and social events in Belmont. Likewise, the baseball club facilities and fixtures are well-maintained to ensure that Belmont players and guests will experience convenience and comfort.

Be a part of our growing baseball family now. Join our baseball club here in Belmont. Exceptional baseball training, impressive management team and interesting activities await. Call Newcastle Baseball Association at 02 4945 4606 for further details.

Belmont Baseball Club
Newcastle Baseball Association
02 4945 4606 Belmont

Outstanding Leagues Belmont Baseball Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Does your Belmont baseball club offer training program for kids as young as 6 years old?

    Yes, our baseball club has different training programs for Belmont kids of different age levels. We have T-Ball or Zooka, Little League, Junior League and Senior League. Please get in touch with us to know further eligibility requirements. Register your kids now for fun-filled baseball experience.

  • How much are the fees for different training programs?

    All our comprehensive training programs are reasonably priced. We will make sure that all the programs are definitely worth your money. Indeed, our baseball club member here in Belmont will not only learn but enjoy as well.

  • How can we become members of your baseball club?

    If you want to be a part of our growing baseball family, visit Newcastle Baseball Association or call us at 02 4945 4606. Get in touch with our Belmont baseball club Registrar for the detailed registration process.

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