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Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc

Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc

Netball Clubs - Bathurst, NSW 2795

One of the Best Netball Club near Bathurst

ABN: 97 907 904 739

Cnr Mitre & Durham Sts, Bathurst, NSW 2795

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Friendly Competition  Bathurst Netball Clubs Bathurst

Friendly Competition Bathurst Netball Clubs

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Smoke-Free Facility

The Bathurst netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc is known for its vision and mission toward its Bathurst members. Bathurst Netball Club is not just about playing, it's about building comradery and unites Bathurst members for a better community. It also reaches out to local Bathurst schools. Our Bathurst netball club has a smoke-free facility and policies that should be observed. The Bathurst netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc is known as one of the most played sports in Bathurst and many people, especially youth are being part of the Bathurst netball club.

Best Netball Facility

Our Bathurst netball club specialises in organising social competitions for everyone. We also let our Bathurst netball club facilities to schools and other groups who wish to play in our state of the art Bathurst netball club facilities. The professionals in our Bathursta netball club are all good and experienced in the game and willing to pass on what they know about the sport.

As one of the best netball club in Bathurst, Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc envisions to provide training and development pathway for players in Bathurst, including our Junior & Senior Representative teams. The Bathurst netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc provides Competitions, Facilitate coach and umpire development, and most of all promote involvement in Netball through local schools and involve the community in the promotion of Sport.

The Bathurst netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc promotes excellent team environments and gaining comradery. An excellent time to gain friends and socialisation with the professionals and beginners. The Bathurst netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc is visited even by nearby towns. Visited and joined mostly by athletic and sporty individuals. Our Bathurst netball club also promotes fitness and workouts while playing the netball. There's no other netball club in Bathurst that offers such like Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc.

Bathurst Netball Club
Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc
02 6332 3025 Bathurst

Friendly Competition Bathurst Netball Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Why choose our netball club in Bathurst?

    Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc is a netball club that provides excellent, smoke-free facility, and good atmosphere to players, umpires, and coaches. Every member has benefits in the facilities and to the clubs expertise. Linked to a lot of public and private Bathurst netball club organisations in the area of Bathurst.

  • Where are you located?

    The netball club of Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc is located in Cnr Mitre & Durham Sts, Bathurst NSW 2795. We have a dedicated car park space for you, so you don’t have to worry about parking. Our facilities are surrounded by other well-known facilities.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Bathurst Netball Assoc Inc at 02 6332 3025 for more information and details about our club in Bathurst. The services from our Bathurst netball club are not the only things that make it special. We look forward to hearing from you.

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