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Reliable Auburn Removalist

SR Suppliers & Removals is your dependable Auburn removalist. Our Auburn removalists are the best in the area. Our Auburn removalists are honest, reliable, and professional. Plus, our Auburn removalists’ rates are affordable. It is reasonably affordable, in fact, because we work with your budget in mind. Our Auburn removalists service both commercial and residential customers. Whether it’s that big, bulky household furniture or office equipment that you need moving, our Auburn removalists can handle them all with ease and grace.

Licensed Auburn Removalist

Our Auburn removalists is your premier Auburn removalists who specialise in both local and interstate moves. Moving white goods is virtually impossible if you don’t have a large truck where you can load them properly. But with our Auburn removalist service, moving big, bulky household furnitures or commercial equipment will be a breeze. All our Auburn removalists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in securely moving your things to your new home or office.

We don’t just use a one-size-fits-all truck. Our Auburn removalists have trucks of different sizes that are perfect for your various needs. This is our own way of being efficient in doing our removal service. This makes our Auburn removalists more efficient in not only moving your things but also in cutting down costs from using a big truck.

If you are in Auburn and you need a reliable removalist, then our Auburn removalists are your perfect partner because we treat your things with care like it is our own. Call our Auburn removalists now and let our team make moving a breeze for you.

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SR Suppliers & Removals
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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Private, Residential, Retirement Villages


Backloading, Dismantling, Loading, Managed Storage, Packing, Relocations, Transit Insurance, Unpacking


International, Interstate, Intrastate, Intrastate Queensland, Local, Long Distance


Containers, Garages, Large Storage Area, MIni Storage, Private Units, Secure Storage


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do I have to empty my fridge before your Auburn removalists come for removal?

    Although we don't require you to do so when the delivery is on the same day, our Auburn removalists still recommend that you empty your fridge. All other things on the surface of the fridge should also be removed.

  • How early should I book your services?

    We recommend that you book your move as early as possible, probably two weeks before, as this gives you a higher chance of moving on the arranged date. Call our Auburn removalists now to get arrange your move.

  • Do you supply packing equipment?

    Yes, we do. Our Auburn removalists will provide you with all the needed equipment to properly secure your things. Talk with our staff to ensure that you get all the needed equipment to pack your things.

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