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Faqiri's Painting and Decorating

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Quality Service  Auburn Painters and Decorators Auburn

Quality Service Auburn Painters and Decorators

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About Us

  • 100% Certified Painters & Decorators in Auburn

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100% Certified Painters & Decorators in Auburn

Are you looking for professional Painters & Decorators in Auburn who can help you perfect your new home? Look no further because with the best Painters & Decorators in Auburn you can never go wrong – only with Faqiri's Painting and Decorating can you get painting and decorating that is according to your vision. If in search for interior painting and decorating for your new home, do call the expert Painters & Decorators in Auburn where they can do the job perfectly for your home. If you are also in need of any exterior painting and decorating, the people to call are the awesome Auburn Painters & Decorators from Faqiri's.

Effective Auburn Painters & Decorators

Now that your new home is almost finished, allow the skilled Painters & Decorators in Auburn to do the touch ups until the full refurbishment of the walls and such. For some who already have their Painters & Decorators in Auburn and have minor plaster repairs needed for possible decoration purposes follow suit. Others may have some common ways and walls redecorated or scaffolding organized they also call the Painters & Decorators in Auburn to do the job. If it is brickwork repainting you can also trust the Painters & Decorators in Auburn to do it for you. No one else can do it better than the Painters & Decorators in Auburn from Faqiri's.

If the walls are cracking, or the paint fading out, just call the services of tenured Auburn Painters & Decorators to fix them for you. May it be chasing out as well as repairing renders that are cracked our Auburn Painters & Decorators can do that for you. Additional services like floor sanding, varnishing and staining are also a few things that the best Auburn Painters & Decorators can accomplish.

If you need the services of Auburn Painters & Decorators, call them today! Have them work on whatever painting job you need and they will definitely pull through. May it is for a new home or reconstruction, the team of Auburn Painters & Decorators from Faqiri's would be happy to help you and more! Trust only the number one Painters & Decorators in Auburn and you will never go wrong!

Auburn Painters & Decorators
Faqiri's Painting and Decorating
0431 497 018 Auburn

Quality Service Auburn Painters and Decorators

Products and Services


Ceilings, Doors, Fascias, Feature Walls, Fencing, Floors, Skirting Boards, Tiles, Timber, Walls, Window Frames


Airless Spraying, Anti-Grafitti, Brush Application, Clean-up, Lacquering, Mirror Finishes, Period Restorations, Re-painting, Repairs, Restoration, Roller Application, Special Coatings, Spray Painting, Surface Preparations, Varnishing


Cracks, Fire Damage, Gaps, Graffiti, Lead Paint, Plaster Damage, Rot Damage, Smoke Damage, Timber Damage, Water Damage



Servicing Suburbs

  • Why should we choose your Auburn Painters & Decorators for our home?

    We are number one when it comes to providing Painters & Decorators in Auburn! Through the years we have amassed customers who loved what we have done for them and that is why you should try and experience our work!

  • What is the best way to reach you?

    You can always contact us at 0431 497 018 wherein we would love to discuss the services of our Painters & Decorators in Auburn and how they can help you!

  • Are your people certified on safety?

    Definitely! We have filtered each people on our team of Auburn Painters & Decorators and we assure you that each one is trained, certified and properly educated on the field. You can trust no one else but Faqiri's Painting and Decorating!

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