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Natrad Armidale

Radiator Repairs - Armidale, NSW 2350

Armidale Expert Radiator Repairs

149 Miller Street, Armidale, NSW 2350

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About Us

  • Armidale Expert Radiator Repairs Services

  • Certified Armidale Radiator Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair

  • Cooling System Repairs and Radiator Flush Clean Out

  • Cooling System Inspection, Pressure Testing, and Fabrication

Armidale Expert Radiator Repairs Services

Need a new radiator or have a heating or cooling problem? Natrad is here in Armidale to help, your specialist in radiator repairs!

Affordable Armidale Radiator Repairs

Natrad is the most trusted automotive cooling system specialists for radiator repairs in Armidale, with a history dating back more than 80 years and around 70 stores nationwide. We pride ourselves on leading the market in Armidale for air conditioning and radiator repairs, providing expert knowledge and skills so you are confident that your car cooling system is in top condition. We provide a specialist in radiator repairs at Armidale, maintenance and replacement products and services for the automotive radiator and air conditioning systems of any size. Our commitment to being the market leaders in Armidale for radiator repairs and auto air systems means we stock Australia’s largest range of quality heat exchange products. All products we supply and install in Armidale meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications and are selected because they can perform under the harsh conditions of Australia’s climate. Our Products in Armidale for radiator repairs include Radiators, Air conditioning, Engine coolant, Intercoolers, and Cooling parts. Our experts in radiator repairs at Armidale can check your radiator or air conditioning to make sure they are running properly, and identify any issues. Once we know what the problem is, we’ll talk to you about what we need to do to fix it.

At Natrad Armidale, we offer services such as Air Conditioning Service & Repair, Cooling System Repairs, Radiator Flush Cleanout, Cooling System Inspection, Pressure Testing, and Fabrication. All our radiator repairs, maintenance and replacement services in Armidale are geared towards ensuring your vehicle’s cooling system is in peak condition, which means your engine is protected against damage. We don't just service radiator repairs in Armidale, Natrad’s auto air specialists can service or repair your air conditioning so that it is working at its best, keeping you and your car interior comfortable throughout the summer months. Our licensed auto air technicians in Armidale are not only skilled diagnosticians and repairers, the Natrad network gives them access to a comprehensive range of auto air conditioning parts and accessories. At Natrad of Armidale, we stand by our radiator specialist service and quality products with all radiator repairs, replacement and maintenance backed up by our 3-year nationwide warranty.

So don't risk your comfort or safety. Contact your nearest Natrad specialist today for you radiator repairs in Armidale. Take advantage of our quality advice, service and radiator repairs now. Find out more about Natrad's complete range of products & radiator repairs services by calling us on (02) 6772 5256. Additional offers for radiator repairs may also be available at particular locations or displayed at the workshop, so it pays to ‘Nip in’ to your local Natrad!

Armidale Radiator Repairs
Natrad Armidale
(02) 6772 5256 Armidale

Premium Radiator Repair and Services Armidale Radiator Repairs

Servicing Suburbs

Q & A

  • Do you have any specials or promotions available for radiator repairs in Armidale?

    At Natrad Armidale, from time to time, we’ll display information about various promotions and special offers for radiator repairs on our website. Simply download and print out the offer and take it your nearest Natrad. Please read all the details carefully so that you’ll be choosing the best offer for your application. Additional offers may be available at particular locations or displayed at the workshop, so visit your nearest Natrad now.

  • What are the products and services you offer?

    Natrad's products include Radiators, Air conditioning, Engine coolant, Intercoolers, Cooling parts and EGR Coolers. We offer services such as Air Conditioning Service & Repair, Cooling System Repairs, Radiator Flush Cleanout, Cooling System Inspection, Pressure Testing, and Fabrication. Natrad gives you a choice of engine cooling system or air conditioning products from market leading brands, such as Adair, Adfuse, Adrad, Adseal, Air Radiators, Behr Hella, Calsonic, Daiwa, Davies Craig, Delphi, Denso, Denso FTF, Doowon, HCC, HVCC, Koyo, Mackay, Maradyne, Natra, Sanden, Setrab, Spal, Tridon, Ultra-T and WingFan.

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    At Natrad, we provide personal, professional and quality service. All our staff are fully trained radiator technicians, with an average of 10 years industry service. And Natrad is the only network of radiator replacement and repair specialists that can provide a true, manufacturer-supported 3-year nationwide warranty. Natrad’s 3-year nationwide warranty ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your radiator is working at its best and that any issues will be detected before causing damage to your vehicle.

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