The Uses for Dental Prosthetics

dental dentistry prosthetics

Dental or dentistry prosthetics refer to artificial teeth. The term dental prosthetics could imply artificial teeth or other dental assistive devices.


When teeth need to be replaced due to damage caused by decay or injury one needs to opt for dental or dentistry prosthetics. A dentist will prescribe the right kind of dental prosthetics as per the needs of a patient. The work of dentistry prosthetics is associated with dental clinics or labs and less with patients or consumers directly.


Dentures or Implants


Two common dental prosthetics are the conventional dentures and dental implants. Dental prosthetics such as implants or dentures are similar in function. Dentures are inserted as new teeth between existing ones. Implants are devices that are put in surgically.

The two options of dental prosthetics are popular in many dental uses. Most doctors find patients needing to avail of such dental or dentistry prosthetics.


Dentures and Their Uses


In most cases, dentures are a better option among the dental prosthetics. In most cases, the dental prosthetics such as dentures are held in place by the surrounding teeth as well as wire. The rest of the teeth remain in good health due to the use of dental prosthetics.


Dental Implants


The function of the dental implants are similar to that of dentures. In this form of dental prosthetic, every individual tooth is held in place by screws. No additional dental or dentistry prosthetics are required to keep the teeth in place.

Implants do not depend on the surrounding teeth for support. The gum has to be healthy for dental prosthetics like implants to be used. In the case of diseased gum, such dental implants will be of no use.


Cosmetic Dental or Dentistry Prosthetics


There are other dental or dentistry prosthetics such as crowns or veneers that you can opt for. The dentist will choose the dental prosthetics as per the needs and preferences of the patient. The extent of damage or assistance required will determine the need for dental or dentistry prosthetics.