Valuers of Jewellery and Gemstones

Valuers Jewellery Gemstone

You could get your jewellery and gemstone collection valued by a professional if you are looking to sell it, have it insured or if you’re simply looking to get some alternative financing by mortgaging it.


Either way, valuers are essential in the process of finding out how much your jewellery and gemstone is really worth. Of course, you want the valuers to give you the highest price possible, but before you do that it is important to find out who you want to choose to value your jewellery and gemstone collection.


Choosing the Right Valuers for your Jewellery and Gemstone


Finding the right valuer for your jewellery and gemstones is very important to get the right valuation and ensure that it is correct. For this purpose, picking the right valuers for jewellery and gemstone is essential. One way to tell whether the valuers are trustworthy is to check if they have professional certification. In all matters regarding jewellery and gemstone, this certification is a must for all valuers.

Also see if the valuers have been in the business for a while. Experience matters a lot in jewellery and gemstone valuations.


Getting Valuations of Jewellery and Gemstone for Insurance


An important task in safeguarding your jewellery and gemstone valuables is getting it insured. Jewellery and gemstone valuers can sometimes work for insurance companies that estimate the worth of your collection and then get it insured for a certain premium. It is a good idea to employ the services of your own valuers to check the valuation is correct as the insurance company has an interest in putting the lowest value on your jewellery and gemstone. Before hiring valuers, check to see if your home insurance covers your jewellery and gemstone and only buy additional insurance if it does not include these.


Details Used by Valuers of Jewellery and Gemstone Valuation


Jewellery valuation by valuers may involve a lot more than simply looking at the pieces. Most valuers will thoroughly evaluate details like size, weight, dimensions, carat, age, hallmark and engravings before putting a price on your jewellery and gemstone.

Most jewellery valuers will also look at the metal being used, whether diamond, or gold. Within gold, white gold, green gold and rose gold all have different values as jewellery and valuers will treat each precious metal differently dependent on a number of qualities such as carat.

You can see that getting valuers to estimate the value of your jewellery is not exactly the simplest process, but it is an important one to treat carefully. Choose your valuer carefully and make sure that your jewellery is valued at the best and most accurate prices possible.

It is easy to find jewellery and gemstone valuers to do this job for you and once you find the right one, your jewellery will be in the right hands.