Underwear – Retail

Underwear Retail

Underwear retail has become a growing industry as the market for fashionable underwear grows larger and larger.


Underwear retail outlets are now beginning to recognise that underwear is in itself a fashionable endeavor and people are becoming more and more self-conscious about the underwear they wear. Most clothing retail outlets dedicate a certain section to underwear because this piece of clothing is now fashionable as well as functional. Both men and women have become choosier about their underwear when they shop at retail outlets and the styles and colours of underwear are no longer limited to beige, black and white as they once were.


Underwear Retail is Getting Bigger than Ever


Initially, underwear was sold by retail outlets as a purely functional garment. But now, with fashion designers venturing into this category more and more, underwear retail is rushing to cash in on new opportunities. Underwear is no longer just about comfort and durability; people are beginning to pay more attention to styles, colours and fabric. Cotton for everyday wear, silk, and satin for special occasions and bright colors characterise the retail industry today. The designs change every season and underwear retail outlets rush to make sure they have the latest trends in stock for their discerning customers.  

Underwear retail is quickly being recognised as a fashion industry of its own. The fashions in underwear retail are changing. High-end fashion designers make their own lingerie and underwear lines and sell them to retail outlets all over the country. Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Jockey are known as some of the biggest retail lines in the men’s underwear section.


Styles You Can Pick from in Retail


For women, the choices in underwear retail are endless and incorporate a variety of styles. Women can choose from hipsters, cheeksters, thongs, V-shaped panties, boy briefs and bikini styles when it comes to underwear retail.

For men, there are several choices too. Men’s underwear can come in boxer style or brief style. The waist can come high or low and the fabric can be plain, checked or come in interesting patterns. Men can choose underwear where the waistband reflects the luxury brand or they can choose simple cotton briefs for comfort and functionality.

Most underwear retail outlets will often offer expert advice on fittings and will help you choose the piece that is right for you. The right underwear retail store for you is just around the corner. All you need to do is hunt a little and pick the one that works best for you.