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Teaching Tuition Floral Art

Floral art is the skill of using flowers and plant materials to create a pleasing and balanced combination of flowers.


Professionally designed floral art arrangements or artwork make use of the elements of floral design which are space, texture, line, form, and color, in addition to the principles of floral art which are rhythm, contrast, harmony, balance, proportion, along with unity. The teaching and tuition in floral art expands on these subjects.


The words "floral design" and "floristry" in addition to “floral art” are all considered synonymous. Florists are individuals who work with plants and flowers, typically in the retail trade. There is a myriad of styles when it comes to floral art. The Western, Eastern, Zebra and European styles have all made an impact on commercial floral art and florists today.


Ikebana, for instance, is a Japanese or eastern style of floral art and makes use of the three basic line placements of the heavens, man in addition to the earth.


The European style, on the other hand, emphasises variety and color of botanical materials not limited to just flowers via mass gatherings of multiple flowers.


Western design is typically characterised by asymmetrical, symmetrical, horizontal, and vertical styles of floral art arrangements.


Floral art includes making garlands, festoons, boutonnieres, wreaths, nosegays, corsages, and bows. A further study of this via teaching and tuition of floral art elaborates more on these floral art sub-topics.


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Teaching and Tuition in Floral Art


The rise in educational institutions and hence, the teaching and tuition of floral art is of great interest to those wishing to break into the florist industry. Floral art teaching and tuition provide training in floral art design and has expanded to many certified floral design schools worldwide.


Floristry and Floral Art Teaching and Tuition


Floristry is the manufacture, trade and sale of flowers. It includes flower care and handling, floral art design, flower arranging, promotion, flower art display as well as flower delivery. Professional florists sell flowers by bulk as well as related supplies to floral art practitioners as well as teaching and tuition institutions in the industry. Florists who trade at the retail level offer fresh flowers and other products related to floral art creation and services to flower lover.


Teaching and Tuition of Floral Art in Australia


In Australia, there are Florist courses available for everyone from novice, intermediate to advanced levels and teaching and tuition scales can vary and range. Education, either informal or formal, is another significant segment of the floristry industry. The talent to make various floral art designs is often taught in TAFE institutions or in small boutique florist as an apprenticeship in floristry or floral art.


Established floristry designers and floral art artists share their talent and craft to students interested in floral art design as either a hobby or even a career. Teaching and tuition courses are usually available through private post-secondary vocational schools, community colleges, professional florist trade associations, and even online and distance colleges.   


One can also avail of the various home floral art classes or hobby type classes. Workshops that last less than a week, or conversely, intensive programs that can have a duration of up to 6 months are also available from teaching and tuition centers.


You could inquire on-line regarding the many teaching and tuition alternatives and book a date for your preferred and tailored floral art course, class, or seminars. In the various teaching and tuition institutions, all kinds of flowers, vases, containers, foliage, and florist sundries will be provided as part of your training. 


Certificate courses in floral art can be completed in 3 or 6 months, or you can enroll in an exhaustive course that is a full-time teaching and tuition course with rigid training until you have taken up all lessons needed for your Certificate. There are also teaching and tuition approaches that are perfect for individuals living far away, or interstate.


In Australia, a variety of Workshops and short Courses are available. Just go online and view the many floral arts schools and tuition alternatives to suit your needs, budget, and taste.