What Role Do Retail Nurseries Play In Horticulture Management?

Nurseries Retail

Retail nurseries are the final link between a wholesale nursery and the final consumer in the marketing chain.


Retail nurseries play a huge role in the management of horticulture in a given area. The function of retail nurseries is quite different than a propagation nursery or a wholesale nursery. To find out more about retail nurseries and how retail nurseries differ from a propagation nursery or a wholesale nursery, read on.


The Difference Between Propagation Nursery and Retail Nurseries


Different kinds of nurseries make up the complete horticulture operation. Therefore, whether they are retail nurseries, wholesale nursery or propagation nursery, they have to co-exist as one cannot be present without the other. So, although the function of retail nurseries might be different than that of the propagation nursery, they can still deal with the same kinds of plants at the same time.

Propagation nursery is the first link in the marketing chain of retail nurseries.

Unlike retail nurseries, the propagation nursery is where the different kinds of species are germinated and grown. Retail nurseries do not collect or purchase different kinds of seeds but buy plants at various stages of growth from the propagation nursery.


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The Difference between Wholesale Nursery and Retail Nurseries


A wholesale nursery comes right before retail nurseries in the marketing chain. As a contrast to the retail nurseries, a wholesale nursery is still involved with the growth of the plants before selling them off to retailers and other landscaping establishments.

A wholesale nursery, unlike retail nurseries, will usually purchase a salable size of seedling stock from a propagation nursery and nurture the plants for a few years until it is still installable size but hasn’t quite reached full maturity. When the plant is ready, the wholesaler will either sell the plants to the retail nurseries or other managements that are overlooking large landscaping projects.

So basically the difference between wholesale nursery and retail nurseries is that wholesalers sell the bulk stock of plants to either retail nurseries or other major purchasers and on the other hand the retail nurseries are involved with showcasing and sale of plants to the individual consumer.


What are Retail Nurseries?


It is obvious from the information mentioned above that retail nurseries are quite different from both the propagation nursery and wholesale nursery. But what are retail nurseries, exactly?

Retail nurseries are nurseries, which can be both big and small, selling potted plants and seeds on retail prices. The prices on which retail nurseries sell plants to consumers can vary and may be higher than the prices at which a wholesale nursery might be selling. There are many reasons why retail nurseries can charge more and some of these reasons are mentioned below.


Retail Nurseries are Easily Accessible


Unlike any other nursery, the retail nurseries are easily accessible. You might find retail nurseries beside your favorite grocery store while wholesale nursery and propagation nursery are usually not located within the city.