The Role of Medical Centres

Medical Clinics

The role of medical centres is highlighted significantly in today’s context as global health care systems have entered a dynamic transition period.


It is vital to have a good understanding of medical centres and its role as an emerging health care and service provider.


Medical centres offer the services of a group of doctors specialising in different health segments is basically termed as a medical centre. However, though medical centres typically offer a wide variety of doctors’ services they differ in type, size and scale.


The Different Types of Medical Centres


Many medical centres house only doctors in general health practice while there are also medical centres specialising in a particular area of health including oncology, radiology, plastic surgery, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, dentistry etc.

The most popular types of medical centres offer a combination. Doctors in these medical centres have the facility of attending to their patients in a private practice capacity.


General outpatient medical centres


Such medical centres are operated by specialised doctors and they cater to different areas of health practices. Outpatient medical centres are also mostly located in rural communities and doctors in these medical centres attend to diagnosis and treatment of general health issues. Typical facilities offered in these medical centres are acute, primary and ongoing health care. The payment options in outpatient medical centres differ depending on different factors like facility type, location, health insurance plans, the area of doctors’ specialisation etc.


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Specialist Medical Centres


Specialist medical centres focus on specific types of treatment or a critical part of the anatomy. These medical centres are advantageous for those seeking specific doctors’ care like fertility, oncology, genitourinary etc. Such medical centres attend to both diagnosis and treatment.


Important Things You Should Know About Medical Centres


Medical centres focusing on general health issues have become popular as they provide cost effective healthcare solutions and the services are still carried out by qualified doctors. It is important to find out specific payment options before you decide to obtain services from medical centres as opposed to a public hospital or a regular GP. Medical centres also employ doctors on casual, full-time and part-time basis. Therefore, it is unlikely that a patient would meet the same doctors at different intervals of visits.


Larger establishments of medical centres provide a range of allied services including doctors specialising in physiotherapy, professional nurses, nutritionists. They also provide an extended range of services including intervention procedures, minor operations, emergency medical treatment, antenatal care, counselling, health care plans etc.


Know your nearest medical centres


Medical centres are an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In today’s health conscious society it is important to have a good understanding of the types of medical centres in and around your neighbourhood and to know which doctors are available in each centre.


As medical centres differ in their services, doctors, fee structures and health focus don’t wait till the need arises to discover which medical centres are capable of serving your needs in the best possible way.