Glass Brick Products

Glass Bricks Product Accessories

Glass brick products add the ultimate contemporary element in any modern designed home, office or building.


Glass brick products are quite easy to install and the versatility of the glass brick products renders them, even more, advantages than any other design element meant for creating partitions.


Types of Glass Brick Products


At any leading retail shop of glass brick products, you can easily find a great variety of glass brick products.

If this is your first time in choosing glass brick products for your home and/or office, it would be best to take the help and guidance of the salesman at the retail shop of glass brick products. They’ll be able to efficiently guide you through the type of product that you require for your particular needs.

Modern technology has allowed the manufacturers to produce a huge variety of glass brick products that allow the consumer to use the glass brick products in multiple ways and places.


Clear or Transparent Glass Brick Products


Clear glass brick products are used to create a simple decorative element in a house or any other building.

These clear glass brick products allow for light to pass through from one side to the other and can be used in entrances, rooftops or dividing walls where full privacy is not required.


Translucent Glass Brick Products


Besides the transparent glass brick products, you can also choose from translucent brick products as well. These allow for light to pass through into the area that has been segregated by glass brick products but maintain some degree of privacy while still adding the decorative element.

Translucent glass brick products can be frosted, etched or carved to create the translucency. These translucent glass brick products work in a similar fashion but are selected based on personal preference.


Coloured Glass Brick Products


Besides the typical ‘glass’ look, you can also buy glass brick products in different colours. In fact, modern technology and design preferences have inspired the production of glass brick products in a wide array of colours to match all sorts of interiors and even exteriors.


Curved Glass Brick Products


Glass brick products were introduced initially in squarish designs; now, however, you can easily find curved glass brick products to create curved glass brick walls. There are other products that have only curved corners to make rounded edges on glass brick walls.


Where Can Glass Brick Products be Used?


The glass brick products can be used in a number of ways and in a variety of places. Here are a few ideas of how glass brick products can be used both in domestic and commercial areas:


  1. Products can be Used as Dividers


The glass brick is most commonly used as divider or room separator both in the homes and office buildings. The glass brick products can easily segregate spaces without creating a darkened space. These blocks are also classically used to divide the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.


  1. Products can be Used to Add Design Element


Glass brick or blocks are often only added in walls, doors, ceilings or even floors to create a unique design element in the building.


  1. Products can be Used to Produce Decorative Items


It is not necessary to use the glass brick or block to create a wall or divider only. The glass brick can also be used to make a lamp base or even a vase as these products have a lot of versatility.

Glass brick products can be used in a variety of ways in the interiors as well as outdoors to blend uniqueness into the architectural design of the building.