Different Types of Charities and Charity Organisations


Charities are acts of voluntary services offered in various forms to help someone who is in need.


Various charity organisations are established in our country to deal with different types of interest group and needy people.

Monetary charities are one of the basic forms of charities that involves giving money to the needy. Such charity organisations need donations in the form of money or wealth from their contributors in order help the poor and the needy. Charity organisations help such people in forwarding their charities through proper channels.


Functions of Charity Organisations


Charity organisations help in proper distribution of charitably donations. These organisations perform different types of charities to help the poor and the needy. They transfer and distribute funds and resources and supply them to people in need.

The function of charity organisations is to collect charities from different sections of the society and to transfer them to the needy population.


Service Charities


Service charities offer particular skills and labour without taking anything in return. Service charities are quite important in the field of education and healthcare. Services offered by doctors organisations in the form of their services are quite important in the case of countries suffering from famine, draught or natural disaster.


Charity of Resources


Essential resources like books and clothing are often given charitably organisations to help the poor and needy. Charity organisations may start charitable donations programs in schools, colleges and offices to collect supplies to supply to those in need.