Books, Wholesalers and Distributors

Books Wholesalers Distribution

Book wholesalers and distribution plays an important role in how books move from the printers and publishers to the bookstores, shops and libraries.


The majority of first time authors don't understand how books move from the printer or publisher to the bookstore or the library. Most of us don’t realise that it is, at times, a complex process to bring new books to the market.       

Prepublication promotions and advance reviews of books are an important marketing factor for the author and are in motion well before the official publication date.


Why Do You Need Book Wholesalers and Distributors?


Most stores and libraries buy their books and copies from wholesalers and distribution authorities. The role and function of books wholesalers and distributors is quite complex, but the basics of their role is take care of all packing and shipping as well as keep a record of sales and returns. They also ensure that retailers have a supply of books available at all times.


The Role of Book Wholesalers and Distributors


Book wholesalers and distributors offer their customer a whole range of choices when selling books and offer low-cost shipment.

Wholesalers and distributors of books play an important role in the mediation between the publisher and store buyers. These wholesalers and distributions create catalogs of books and send sales representatives to buyers. They are well experienced in moving books into stores from the printer’s warehouses and are experts in marketing books.

There can also be cost-savings benefits when you buy books in bulk from these wholesalers and distributions.

You’ll come across different books wholesalers and distributions working differently. While some will distribute a book automatically, others will take a more personal approach. Their aim is to get much attention to a book with the help of their sales staff. Most wholesalers and distributions prefer a very rigorous screening process for books to ensure that their sales staff represent it enthusiastically.