The Usefulness of Blood Donor Services

Blood Donor Blood Bank Services

The importance of blood donor services cannot be denied. In most medical emergencies, accidents or surgeries, a blood transfusion will be needed.


Blood donor services ensure that hospitals and medical facilities have a ready supply of different blood groups available for different patients needs. The different communities in every region across the world are encouraged to participate in blood donor services.


Blood Banks and Their Role


There are different blood banks available which provide blood donor services to different medical facilities. Many large hospitals have their own blood donor services. Other medical units will outsource their blood donor services and place their request for blood supply to blood banks like The Red Cross.


Immediate Requirements 


As blood supply is needed for most medical emergencies as well as in surgical procedures, the blood donor services are critical to having a steady supply of different blood groups. When one has suffered a large loss of blood and needs blood transfusion immediately, donors are required to provide blood. Blood transfusion may be required in different treatments. Often, blood transfusions are required on an emergency basis. For such reasons, blood donor services are vital.

Anyone who is 16 years old or older and does not have any pre-existing medical condition is able to donate blood.




When one opts to volunteer for blood donor services, there are a list of criteria which are used to exclude potential donors in blood banks. That is done to ensure that no risks of diseases or contaminants are contained in the blood.

Those who are sick, cannot donate blood. If you have travelled to certain regions of the world, have certain lifestyle habits that are considered risky to one’s health, then such people are excluded from blood donor services.