Clubs for Beer and Wine Makers

Beer Wine Makers Clubs

With the growth of craft beers and wines, beer and wine makers clubs have been growing in popularity. The groups get together to talk about their shared passion for homebrew or amateur beer and wine making.


Those who share a passion for wine among clubs of beer and wine makers are called oenophiles. Such people among beer and wine makers clubs are known as wine lovers. They are naturally members of clubs of beer and wine makers.


Wine Tasting Sessions


Those who are members of winemakers clubs are usually connoisseurs of wine and beer tasting. Many wine clubs invite experts and connoisseurs to lead tastings and help their members to discover new and exciting wines. The wine clubs promote discussions on the different wines, regions, and styles.


Tastings and Promotional


There are distinct tasting sessions with the primary focus of tasting drinks manufactured and launched in the market, especially those from local brewers and wine makers. Some beer and wine maker clubs can get certain manufacturers to sponsor such tasting events and may even attract a special guest speaker who can give tasting notes and an insider’s knowledge of a specific type of beer or wine.


Trips to Vineyards and Commercial Breweries


Beer and winemaker clubs often organise trips to the wineries or commercial breweries. These are usually to local establishments, but for more exclusive clubs this could include a trip to overseas enterprises.