Visit an Audiologist to Treat Hearing Loss


Audiology is basically that branch of science which studies any disorders related to hearing.

In simple terms audiology tries to find out if we can hear within the normal hearing range and if not the audiologist tries to determine the degree of the problem and how to set it right. Hearing loss can occur at any age and to anybody. Audiology is the science which deals with the treatment of hearing ailments. Audiology is a branch of medicine to treat patients suffering from hearing loss.

The causes of hearing loss can be anything ranging from birth defects, aging or sudden illness. An audiologist is trained in the science of audiology to diagnose any kind of hearing problems and treat them in both adults as well as children using the science of audiology.


Treatments Given by Audiologist


Audiology has a lot of treatments for hearing disorders and can prescribe an array of treatments depending on the degree of the hearing loss. The most common of which is a hearing aid which an audiologist can provide to patients to help them hear in a normal range.

Audiologists will also treat the patients surgically if needed. Audiologists have facilities for cochlear implants for patients suffering from hearing loss.


Education of the Audiologist


Audiology is a branch of medicine and audiologist specialise in audiology as a major. Audiologist need to earn an audiology degree to become a trained audiologist. While the audiology degree is the basic degree to become a qualified audiologist the audiologist can also do a PHD or SCD in audiology.

Audiology is a vast subject on its own and the audiologist can pick up any intrinsic subject within audiology for further study. An audiologist studies audiology in such detail that the audiologist would be able to treat infants, children, teens and adults of their hearing ailments. Audiologists are issued with an audiology license to practice audiology legally.


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Career of an Audiologist


Audiology is a vast subject and audiologists can work in multi-specialty hospitals, clinics, government health care centers, military hospitals and VA hospitals. The audiologist can also set up their own audiology clinic where they can practice audiology and give treatment to the patients suffering from hearing loss. The audiologist can also work in medical universities where they can teach audiology as well as practice in the hospital attached to the university.


When to Consult an Audiologist


Our fast-paced lives often give us no time to sit back and think about our own health. It’s often only when our day to day activities are affected do we realise that it is high time to make an appointment with a healthcare professional.

When we visit a general practitioner with a hearing loss problem they will most probability refer you to an audiologist who is specialised in treating people suffering from hearing loss related ailments. The audiologist would examine you and be able to gauge the extent of damage caused to the nerves related to hearing. But there is nothing to panic as the science of audiology has advanced to a great extent and there is a solution to almost all hearing related problems. The audiologist may also subject you to an audiology therapy where you would be taught a few exercises to improve your hearing ability.