Airlines and Flights: Useful Information

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Since the first flight of the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in December 1903, air travel has never been the same. Airlines and flights have completely changed the way people travelled as the world became much smaller in terms of connectivity.


What is an airline?


Airlines are the companies which provide air transport facilities for travellers as well as cargo.

Airlines have their own aircraft or they lease them from other suppliers to operate. The journey from one place to another in an airline's aircraft is known as flights. Big airlines form partnerships or alliances with other airlines to increase their flight network and presence in different places around the world.

DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft) was the world first airline when it was founded in 1909. The oldest still operational airlines are KLM (Netherlands), Avianca (Colombia), Qantas (Australia) and Czech Airlines (Czech Republic).

Some of the major airlines of the world are – American Airlines (AA), Continental Airlines (CO), Delta Airlines (DL), British Airways (BA), Virgin Atlantic (VS), South African Airlines (SAA), Emirates Airlines (EK), Indian Airlines (AI), Thai Airlines (TG), Korean Air (KE), Aeroflot (SU), Japan Airlines (JAL), Singapore Airlines (SQ), etc.

Airline services can easily be categorised as regional flights, domestic flights, international flights, intra-continental flights or intercontinental flights and they can be operated as scheduled flights or chartered flights.


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Why are airlines important?


Passenger flights help travellers to travel long distances in a much shorter amount of time compared to other forms of transport. Thousands of flights are operated by airlines on a daily basis to fly millions of people every day. Governments in each country have strict regulations the need to be followed by airlines relating to the security, reliability, efficiency, and maintenance of their aircraft.

As per the rules set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which is the governing body for passenger flights all over the world, airlines cannot manipulate the ticket cost of flights whenever they want. As a result, airlines have a fixed way to have their flights ticketed without cost manipulation.


Airline Rewards and Membership


When a passenger frequently flies with particular airlines, then the passenger can sign up for a frequent flyer membership card which entitles the passenger to acquire miles and points for flights flown with the same airline or its partners as a reward.

These miles can be redeemed in different ways such as flights tickets, upgrade to a higher class on flights, hotel stays, holidays including flights, shopping vouchers, gifts etc. It is a very nice way to reward the loyalty of a passenger by the airlines.


Airlines’ Metamorphosis


During the turn of the millennium, the airline industry shifted with the introduction of budget airlines. A budget airline like Jetstar and Virgin generally operate flights on short routes ferrying passengers at a fraction of the cost paid to travel on a full-service airline.

Budget airlines had changed the way people fly forever. As the prices of tickets on these flights were lower than regular flights it open air travel up to even a wider group of people. Many full-service airlines had to cut their flights prices to compete with these budget airlines which made them affordable to the passengers.