What is an Agent?

Agents General

An agent generally acts on behalf of other persons and carry limited authority and special undertaking that they are instructed for. These general agents work for insurers, brokers, artists and many more.


Agents general offer commercial and risk solutions for different and specialty niche areas. General agents focus on building strong business relationships for their clients and offer the highest quality services as per industry specific program agents generally.

General agents provide innovative management solution under specific programs of the business and organisation.


Role of Agents


The tasks and role of agents general are varied and many. General agents negotiate on commissions, issue policies, handle claims, and process endorsements, as well as collect premiums, etc. These agents generally are trained and certified.


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Agents in Brokerage


Different general agents in differ sectors and brokerage general agents sell the policies to their clients and may specialise in one segment of the insurance industry. The brokerage agents also offer a wide range of supportive services for individual brokers too.

Brokerage agents track cases, take online applications and offer immediate policy quotes, etc. These agents are generally in high demand in the brokerage service. Agents also offer supportive services for individual brokers and special agents generally.

Agents in Insurance


As an agent for an insurer, their primary job is to attract clients, based on their individual efforts. They offer considerable assistance in achieving the objective of the insurance company to increase the number of people insured under their policies. These agents generally work in multiple areas of the insurance sector.


The Services of General Agents


Agents offer a wide portfolio of different products, as per the industry they work in. For example, if in the insurance sector, the agents generally offer annuities; property, casualty insurance, targeted commercial exposures and other insurance services. These agents generally serve different clients for different products.