Gaining Access to Adoption Information

Adoption Information Services

Adoption information or adoption records are sought by after many people.


Those who adopt a child might seek such adoption information. Children who are adopted might want access to such adoption information later in life.

The access to adoption information in the form of adoption records is not made available to everyone. Access to such adoption information is made available only to parties who are involved in the adoption process. The ease of access to adoption information is related to the kind of information being sought and the person who is seeking it.


Access to Adoption Records


There are laws that govern adoption information in different countries and the access to adoption records or adoption information will vary from state to state. Some states have stricter legal constraints regarding adoption information being made available to people. Many states restrict the access to adoption information by the public when an adoption process is finalised.

Such laws regarding adoption information are made to maintain the confidentiality of the parties who are involved in the adoption process. Adoption records or adoption information is often sealed. Such adoption information is made available only to those who are directly involved in the adoption process. Thus, the birth mother, adoptee and the adoptive parents may be able to access such adoption information.


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Why Access to Adoption Information Is Required


Adoption information that is sought from the adoption records could be physical information of the birth parents, medical history of the birth parents and so forth. Such adoption information is usually sought by the adoptive parents or the adoptee. When the adoptee is at least 18 years of age, he or she can seek access to adoption information. Often, non-identifying information is provided in adoption information when a written request is made.

Adoptive parents can seek access to adoption information that is non-identifying in nature. When adoptive parents seek more adoption information regarding the health of the birth parents due to medical reasons, some states have the provision for the adoption registry to contact the birth parents.


Prior Consent


When access is provided to the adoption information, one could gain information regarding the birth parents and their identity. Such adoption information will reveal the birth parents if such permission is granted in the adoption records. Such adoption information is provided only to the adoptive parents and the adoptee. When prior consent is absent, good cause has to be shown for such adoption information to be revealed. Biological siblings may request as well as be granted access to such adoption information when mutual consent exists.


Mutual Consent Registries


When one wishes to know if consent is granted to such adoption information, many countries have mutual consent registries. These allow the parties to seek adoption information to know whether the adoption records can be revealed to them as per the mutual consent records.

Some countries do not have mutual consent registry system in place. In such cases, there are intermediary agencies that can be sought to gain adoption information on behalf of their clients. Such agencies have access to the sealed adoption records and can gain such adoption information as requested by their clients. The process of gaining adoption information differs from one country to another.


Medical Reasons


In such cases, the adoptive parents may seek adoption information for medical reasons and the adoption agency can contact the birth parents on request received from the adoptive parents. There are some states and countries that allow the birth parents to enquire upon the adoptee’s health and seek such adoption information from the adoption agency.