Apartments in the Real Estate Market

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Real estate apartments are typically self-contained housing units. These are commonly known as apartment buildings, apartment house, high-rises, towers, etc.


Smaller apartments are cheaper and easy to maintain than their counterparts in the ever growing real estate markets. Real estate apartments can be occupied by owners for personal use or by leasehold tenure or rented by tenants.


Different Types of Apartments in Real Estate Market:


Studio Apartments – These are the smallest type of apartments in real estate that consists mainly of a large room which is the combined space for living, dining and bedroom. Kitchens are also a part of this large room however bathroom is a small separate space.


One Bedroom Apartments – In the real estate market the one bedroom apartments has very high demand as a rental property. These types of real estate apartments although small in size but have a separate bedroom unlike studio apartments which makes it a perfect solution for couples.


Two Bedroom Apartments – As the name implies this type of real estate have two separate bedrooms and a living room. It’s the perfect choice when purchasing apartments. These are also rented by small families till the time they are able to buy their own home.


Three Bedroom Apartments – Although not very common, three bedroom apartments have become more popular in the real estate market as people want to have a guest room along with the other two bedrooms.


Garden Apartments – These are the type of low rise real estate apartments which have landscaped grounds surrounding them. These apartments generally are single units on each floor and can be one or two bedroom apartments with access to the surrounding garden either on the front or back of the building. 


Communal Apartments – These are the type of cheap real estate rental apartments where there is a private room but the kitchen and bathrooms are shared. This type of apartment is generally divided in such a way that there are 4-5 rooms on each floor with a common kitchen and bathroom. 


Penthouse Apartments – These are prime real estate apartments where the top floor is a separate house altogether with luxuries including private elevators and parking depending on the locality. These are the most luxurious type of apartments.


Advantages of Apartments:


Security – Most real estate apartments have a main point of entry that requires a key or code for entry. This means that it is difficult for someone to even gain entry to the building complex let alone your single apartment.

Some apartments even have a desk with a concierge present to stop people easily entering the building.


Convenience – Renting or owning real estate apartments is more convenient compared to individual houses because apartments have supervisors or building managers who are responsible for the upkeep of the common areas and attend to all the repair and maintenance work required in the apartments.


Real Estate Investments – People these days buy real estate apartments so that they can rent it out providing extra income while the mortgage gets paid too.