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Creating a listing with a local business directory should be a key tool in your business' online marketing. A local business directory helps to increase your leads and generate more work or sales. An online business directory listing can work with or separate to your company website to help boost your online presence and allow customers to easily find you.

Previously your only choice for a local business directory was a printed one. Now, the internet has replaced the printed local business directory and opened people up to a wealth of information that is easily accessible whenever they need it. Having your company listed in a local business directory is an economical and clever way of boosting your company’s online presence.

How much does it cost to list your business with goguide®

It’s free for a basic listing.

goguide® is an Australian owned and operated company. We recognise how local Australian customers search from products and services. We know that when you add your company to a local business directory your goal is to gain more work, customers or sales. And we have developed goguide® to do just that.

You can get your business started on the goguide® local business directory at no cost to you, and if want to gain added exposure, you can sign up to any of our paid listing features.

We can also create a business listing that targets multiple suburbs for just $2 per suburb or list multiple business locations for only $4 per location. This is 11 times cheaper than the bigger business directories.

We have a range of advertising options to suit the needs of every business no matter how big or small, and no matter what their budget may be.

Looking to get the edge over your competitors? goguide® offers a number of enhanced features to help you stand out:

Why choose the goguide® local business directory?

To understand why you should use goguide®, you have to understand why we created it.

We’ re a local business ourselves, we’ve used the other local business directories out there. The result, we weren’t happy. We wasted time and effort on directories that simply didn’t do what they should - generate leads to create more work. Their advertising options were overpriced and they under delivered.

We decided that enough was enough. We looked at what these bigger local business directories were doing, how they were doing it and thought we can do that and we can do it better and for cheaper.

With goguide® there are no hidden costs. The prices you see are what you pay.

We have strived for a online local business directory that is a simple and economical way for businesses to get in front of the right customers within their local area. We are so confident in what we do that if you’re not happy we don’t lock you into a contract – you’re free to try something else.

Listing your local business on the Australian goguide® local business directory gives you a compelling and economical solution to increasing your business’ exposure to a targeted local audience.

The goguide® local business directory headquarters are based in Melbourne, but we have offices in every major Australian city. The local business directory itself covers all cities and towns around Australia, which mean no matter where you are, your customers will be able to search you in goguide®.

All of our local business directory listings are submitted to the major search engines such as Google and Bing, which means the more content you are able to provide the more likely it is that your listing will appear in their search results.

If you select our suburb radius service, your business listing will be personally handled by our team of professional content writers who will help to optimise your content and improve your company’s goguide® listing. So say that you are an electrician servicing a 5km radius, sign up and we’ll optimise your company page for all of those suburbs.

We are continually striving to improve the ways in which our clients and your company listing within the local business directory can get in front of those customers who are looking specifically for your service or product.

Creating a free business listing with us is easy and clear-cut.


A goguide® local business directory listing is a smart online marketing choice.

The more information you provide your potential customers, the more likely you are to convert them into a paying customer. Once you have signed up to goguide® you can change your business directory listing whenever you want. With our paid listings, you can also add promotional deals, slideshows, images and videos to help you showcase exactly what makes your local business stand out.

This content can also help your company’s listing to rank within search engines. And for those who are serious about their local search marketing. The goguide® suburb selection service allows you to select a suburb radius, allowing you to target specific areas and appearing at the top of our local search results.

If you choose a Platinum or Servicing Suburbs option your company’s listing will be given to our expert content writers, who will optimise all of your content. From your business description and tagline to image and video captions everything will be optimised to ensure that your listing has the widest reach possible. This comes from the simple philosophy that we want goguide® to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quotes Service

For local business, shops and professionals goguide® offers a quoting service, this service is a great way for local companies to find prospective work on a regular basis.

The quoting service connects your local business to customers looking to get a quote on a job within your industry. Customers will input their details and a description of the job. These will be submitted to three businesses within that local area and the client will then choose the one they feel is most suited to them.

To read more about our quoting services and the benefits to your customers here

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