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Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc

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Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained birds are released from specific locations. They then race back to their home lofts. The Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc is a pigeon club in Tuggeranong which control the issue of rings, championship shows and the exhibiting of pigeons. The Tuggeranong pigeon club supports affiliated breed clubs and societies, sometimes in the form of monetary grants and loans, to enable them to continue to provide shows of good quality.

Many are old breeds from the Tuggeranong but also breeds that have been imported and developed in this country. Our Tuggeranong pigeon club's aim is to breed and exhibit our stock at shows throughout the Tuggeranong from local Tuggeranong pigeon clubs and agricultural shows to larger shows and Championship Shows organised by various Tuggeranong pigeon clubs and societies.

The Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc is now recognised as one of the premier pigeon clubs in Tuggeranong on the local racing scene. The National races were introduced several years ago, in order to give fanciers the opportunity to prepare their pigeons for competition in the longer International races. However, many of our Tuggeranong pigeon club members prefer to race only in the National and the young bird events, so overall there is a wide variety of choice in this very diverse and challenging program. The Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc allows entrants to arrive with their entries at any one of the marking stations and pay for their entries on-the-day of race marking.

Membership of the Tuggeranong pigeon club to be confined to fanciers holding similar views and ideas as the aforementioned and members interested shall be primarily devoted to the performing aspect of the roller pigeon. While every Tuggeranong pigeon club member as a duty to see that all rules are strictly adhered to, it is only officers and members of the committee elected at an annual general meeting that has the duty and the power to adjudicate and implement the rules and take such action as they feel appropriate against any member adjudged to be in breach of such rule/s.

Pigeon racing is a marvellous hobby for families and people of all ages; our pigeon club in Tuggeranong would invite anyone who feels they would like to become involved to contact any of the staff for advice, we are sure you would be made most welcome.

Tuggeranong Pigeon Club
Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc
02 6231 8889 Tuggeranong

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  • What is pigeon racing?

    Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained pigeons are released from specific locations. They then race back to their home lofts. Get in touch with our pigeon club in Tuggeranong and we will provide you details and information about our club.

  • Are pigeons expensive to keep?

    If you plan to keep your own loft, then there will be an initial outlay to get started, along with costs for feed, vaccinations and other equipment. If you want to keep your pigeons in someone else’s loft, there will either be a one-off fee or boarding fees. Our pigeon club in Tuggeranong will explain all inquiries or questions you have.

  • How to contact you pigeon club in Tuggeranong?

    You can contact Tuggeranong Valley Racing Pigeon Club Inc at 02 6231 8889 for more information and details about our pigeon club in Tuggeranong. We look forward to hearing from you.

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