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16 Georgina Cres

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About Us

  • Well-maintained Kaleen Netball Club Facilities

  • Friendly but Competitive Atmosphere

  • Complete Kaleen Netball Club Amenities

Well-maintained Kaleen Netball Club Facilities

If you are the sporty type, come try our indoor courts here at Kaleen Indoor Sports. We are your Kaleen netball club that caters to providing you with a professional indoor court. All indoor courts in our Kaleen netball club are well-maintained and packed with amenities for your convenience. Our Kaleen netball club has an approachable staff and a dedicated official for your indoor gaming events. We have three large courts in our Kaleen netball club facilities, and our Kaleen netball club staff has all the requisite equipment to play the sports we offer.

Modern Kaleen Netball Club Facilities

Our Kaleen netball club specialises in organising social indoor competitions for everyone. You can play netball, soccer, indoor cricket, volleyball, dodgeball, and our 3 Sports Team Challenge in our Kaleen netball club facilities. We also let our Kaleen netball club facilities to schools and other groups who wish to play in our state of the art Kaleen netball club facilities.

You can book your game in our Kaleen netball club facilities, before our regularly held competitions that start from 6:00 pm, during the day from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, our Kaleen netball club facilities are closed to the public except for large bookings. Or if you don’t want to book your own game in our Kaleen netball club facilities, you can join our tournament for a very affordable registration fee.

Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned indoor sports athlete, our Kaleen netball club in Kaleen Indoor Sports is the best location for your indoor sports activites. Come visit our Kaleen netball club facilities in Kaleen Indoor Sports now.

Kaleen Netball Clubs
Kaleen Indoor Sports
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Exceptional Service Staff Kaleen Netball Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Are your Kaleen netball club facilities easily accessible?

    Yes, our Kaleen netball club facilities are easily accessible. We have a dedicated car park space for you, so you don’t have to worry about parking. Our facilities are surrounded by other well-known facilities like a fully licensed club with a restaurant for one.

  • Can we rent the whole facility?

    We do offer our whole facilities for rent. However, you should book with us earlier than your expected event to reserve the whole Kaleen netball club facilities for your event. Businesses and birthday celebrations are welcome.

  • Do you provide the needed equipment in reservations for birthday celebrations?

    Our Kaleen netball club facilities will provide you with the seats, tables, and the sporting equipment that you need to play. We also provide an option of having a host and umpire to help you run the activities for your celebration.

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