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ACT Cycling Federation

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A Prominent Cycling Club in Hackett Where Champion Bikers are Born

ABN: 55 125 517 850

ACT Sports House 100 Maitland St

  • awards Affiliated and Governed by National and Global Organizations
  • awards Registered Cycling Club in Hackett
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About Us

  • Premier Cycling Club in Hackett

  • A Cycling Club in Hackett That Houses World Champions

  • Cycling Organization for Athlete Development

Premier Cycling Club in Hackett

Enjoying your hobby while being part of a support group doubles the fun. In particular, cycling becomes more exciting when done in groups. How thrilling it is to drive through new routes together with your co-cyclists. This is the reason why a cycling club in Hackett was created. The ACT Cycling Federation is a cycling club in Hackett that has been producing world champions in the field of cycling. The ACT Cycling Federation has been holding organized rides for members and associates of any cycling club in Hackett. Cyclists get to improve their skills through strategies and training obtained from joining ACT Cycling Federation.

Being a member of ACT Cycling Federation opens up scores of opportunities in the field of cycling. This cycling club in Hackett swears of providing biking tactics, repair tips and cycling workouts to its members. The ACT Federation also provides numerous cycling activities ranging from local competitions to worldwide biking championships. This cycling club administers and oversees cycling activities not only in Hackett but all throughout the region.

With almost 600 members, this cycling club in Hackett is affiliated with four local clubs namely, Cooma Cycling Club, Females in Training, Canberra Cycling Club and Tuggeranong Viking Cycling Clubs. True to its aim of offering admirable cycling opportunities and maximizing cycling skills by joining competitions for all levels, ACT Cycling Federation continues to promote its cycling advocacy. The cycling club encourages the people of Hackett to engage in this sport for wellness.

ACT Cycling Federation holds meetings and seminars every now and then to update its cycling club members in Hackett of upcoming events, new tracks and cycling instructions. Indeed, the ACT Cycling Federation is a successful cycling club or sporting organization in Hackett. This cycling club is a home for Hackett local, national and global champions in the field of biking. Get involved now. Be a Hackett cycling club member and achieve your cycling pursuits.

Contact us to be in the know of this impressive cycling club in Hackett. Get the technical solutions, coaching and cycling suggestions you deserve by being an Hackett cycling club member. Joining our cycling club in a1001 not only promise cycling know-hows but an admirable camaraderie as well. Call us at 02 6247 1733 to join our premier cycling club in Hackett.

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ACT Cycling Federation
02 6247 1733 Hackett

Registered Cycling Club in Hackett

Servicing Suburbs

  • Is the cycling club open to all residents of Hackett?

    Yes, any cyclist can be a member. ACT Cycling Federation in Hackett offers cycling club membership to all levels. Members of our Hackett cycling club get to experience numerous cycling strategies, join several competitions and gain friends.

  • Are competitions exclusive to title holders or cycling professionals only?

    Generally, events and participation rides by our cycling club are made available to all Hackett cyclists. However, there are certain rides which require qualifications. Rest assured, all events and cycling activities managed by our cycling club in Hackett are worth-joining.

  • How can we become a member?

    If you want to enjoy the sport and gain a lot of biking buddies, please call us at 02 6247 1733. Our cycling club in Hackett continues to grow. We encourage Hackett cycling enthusiasts, novice or pro, to join our cycling club. Thrilling cycling experiences await.

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