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A.C.T. Baseball Association

A.C.T. Baseball Association

Baseball Clubs - Hackett, ACT 2602

Maitland St

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Outstanding Customer Service Hackett Baseball Clubs Hackett

Outstanding Customer Service Hackett Baseball Clubs

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  • Provides A List of All Baseball Clubs in Hackett and ACT

  • Governs Over All Baseball Clubs in Hackett and ACT

  • Organises Various Baseball Competitions For Different Age Groups

  • Associated With The Australian Baseball Federation

Provides A List of All Baseball Clubs in Hackett and ACT

Outstanding Customer Service Hackett Baseball Clubs

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  • Can my 6-year old son be a member of your baseball clubs in Hackett?

    As per ACT Baseball Association's laws, rules, and regulations, children older than five years old are eligible to be a member of the baseball clubs affiliated with us. So, if you are from Hackett and your son is older than five years old, he is allowed to register. We also accept women and girls.

  • Why should we choose to be a part of your association?

    If you decide to become one of us, you will be a valued member of a proud and established organisation. We have been in existence since 1957, with the goal of continuously being the peak governing body of all baseball clubs in and around Hackett. You will also be updated of all the latest news about baseball, be able to join local competitions, and be invited to numerous social gatherings.

  • How can we make sure if the baseball clubs we're joining are affiliated with ACT Baseball Association?

    A detailed list of all baseball clubs affiliated with ACT Baseball Association can be found on our website. You may also contact our friendly staff in Hackett directly on 02 6247 7244. We will be more than eager to assist you with all of your inquiries regarding baseball clubs in your area.

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