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16 Haswell Place , Chifley, ACT 2606

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About Us

  • Fully Trained Chifley tilers

  • Most Trusted Chifley tilers

  • Highly Recommended tilers in Chifley

Fully Trained Chifley tilers

There is always an air of elegance when a home is tiled properly – so for those who are in the process of building their own home, call the best Chifley tilers to help you achieve that special look in your home. Only one name in the tiling industry should be trusted, and the leader of the best tilers in Chifley and that is Southside Tiling. They have the most qualified tilers in Chifley and are still expanding with awesome staff to continue helping homes achieve their best look. If you are also renovating your home and want to change the tiles, then the assistance of skilled tilers in Chifley is also needed. If ever you also want to keep those tiles but they look a bit worn, the services of awesome tilers in Chifley are necessary to get those tiles cleaned.

Most Efficient tilers in Chifley

If you are concerned that your tiles may not be available, you don’t have to worry about it because the skilled tilers in Chifley are experts in different kinds of tiles may it be ceramic, porcelain or granite and even more. The tilers in Chifley have been extensively trained as well as fully certified on safety regulations to ensure that both workers and the home are safe while work is being done. They also make sure that the tilers in Chifley clean up after the work is done which leaves you with nothing else to do. If you are also looking at getting something tiled in the home aside from your floor – like your kitchen table, the fireplace or your bathroom then expect the best tilers in Chifley to know what to do.

Aside from tiles, the team of tilers in Chifley can also do waterproofing, silicon and stonework if you are looking for something like that. So if you have a new home and want to get new tiles call the team of tilers in Chifley or if you need renovation work and want to get new tiles on your home also get the service of awesome tilers in Chifley – where you will never go wrong! The group of Chifley tilers offers high-quality tiles at very reasonable prices for their customers!
Have this skilled group of Chifley tilers go to your home today to start fixing your dream home! They are open 24/7 and would definitely be Chifley tilers worth paying for!

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Southside Tiling
0438 551 931 Chifley

Tilers Chifley Tilers

Products and Services


Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Granite, Marble, Porcelaine, Sandstone, Slate, Stone, Terracotta


Cutting, Fixing, Regrouting, Removals, Repairs


Contemporary, Federation, Heritage



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  • How prepared are your Chifley tilers when they go to work?

    Our Chifley tilers are always 110% prepared when they go to their client’s home. They have ultra-modern tools as well as fully operating equipment so that when they start work it will be seamless.

  • Is your staff certified?

    It is highly important to find staff that will represent the company so we always make sure that our choice of Chifley tilers is individually picked, interviewed, certified and qualified – certificates are also asked for proof.

  • 3. What number should I contact to reach you?

    Our lines at 0438 551 931 is always open to answer any questions you have. The group of Chifley tilers are always available to answer your questions

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