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Pedal Power (A.C.T.) Inc

Bicycle Clubs - Canberra, ACT 2601

Reliable Bicycle Club in Canberra

ABN: 98 440 716 821

Griffin Cntr

  • awards 2002 National Bicycling Achievement Award for Advocacy
  • awards 2008 Award for Special Achievement by a Bicycle Organisation
  • awards Most Preferred Bicycle Club in Canberra For Many Years
  • awards Most Eco Friendly Canberra Bicycle Club
  • awards Largest Bicycle Club in the State
  • awards 2010 Thanks Award from the Sports Minister for Tony Shields and John Widdup
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Who we are

  • Uniting the Canberra Bikers Since 1975

  • Fun and Friendly Bicycle Club Members in Canberra

  • Local Bicycle Club Committed to the Canberra Community

  • Family Oriented and Very Accommodating Staff

Uniting the Canberra Bikers Since 1975

Boasting thousands and thousands of members, Pedal for transport, recreation, and sports. This Canberra bicycle club also strives to inform the public Power ACT Inc is recognised as the largest bicycle club not just in Canberra but throughout the state. We have been a reliable bicycle club since 1975. Pedal Power ACT Inc aims to promote the use of bicycle for various purposes including about the health benefits of cycling and how it makes the community a sustainable environment for everybody.

Pedal Power ACT Inc is the leading bicycle club that boasts a reputation as the most active organization in ACT that encourages cycling for commuting, recreation, and sport. They are committed to raising community awareness and government recognition as the leading bicycle club in Canberra and the ACT. This bicycle club’s members are also encouraged to share their expertise with the inexperienced riding public.

If you wish to be a part of a community that values family-oriented principles, join this Canberra bicycle club today. Pedal Power ACT Inc provides riding insurance to all of their members. If in any case that you get into an accident while on your bike, you are covered by Pedal Power ACT Inc’s membership complementary insurance services. This insurance policy functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week whenever you are riding your bike. Through their trusted bicycle club in Canberra, Pedal Power ACT Inc will make sure that cycling is beneficial, accessible, and fun for our dear members in Canberra.

Upon signing up with our bicycle club in Canberra, a membership card is provided, which will give you the chance to have up to a hundred percent discount on parts, accessories, and services from various affiliated shops with our Canberra bike club.

Be one of our members in Canberra and enjoy the benefits of being in the same bicycle club with thousands of like-minded individuals. Pedal Power ACT Inc’s has a wide variety of members not just from Canberra from all over the state. Becoming a member of our Canberra bicycle club would also open opportunities for you join our numerous social events in Canberra.

Pedal Power ACT Inc is the renowned bicycle club that hosts the Big Canberra Bike Ride and the Fitz's Challenge. We also organise many other rides with distances that range from 5 km to 255 km. Consider joining our bicycle club in Canberra today!

Pedal Power ACT Inc also conducts recognition programs for their members in and around Canberra. To get in touch with our friendly staff, just simply call us on 02 6248 7995. You can also visit our website to know more about what this bicycle club can do for you, your friends, and your family.

Canberra Bicycle Club
Pedal Power ACT Inc
02 6248 7995 Canberra.

2008 Award for Special Achievement by a Bicycle Organisation

Servicing Suburbs

Answers to Questions

  • Why should we join your bicycle club over other clubs in Canberra?

    If you choose to join Pedal Power ACT Inc, you can be a proud member of the largest bicycle club not just in Canberra but throughout the state. We boast more than 6,000 members who are all passionate about promoting cycling for transportation, recreation, and sport.

  • What are the bike rides that you sponsor?

    Pedal Power ACT Inc is proud to be the bicycle club that hosts the prestigious Big Canberra Bike Ride as well as the Fitz's Challenge. By becoming a member, you would also gain access to schedules of many other bike rides that we organise for the Canberra community.

  • How can we reach you?

    If you wish to speak with our Canberra staff, you can directly contact Pedal Power ACT Inc on 02 6248 7995. This bicycle club is only staffed part time so we advise that you call us first before visiting our office. You may also find out more about us when you check out our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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