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About Us

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Junior and Senior Basketball Club Category

The Ramblers Basketball Club of Belconnen envisions itself as creating the ideal catalyst for the members of the Belconnen community to grow their love for the sport. As one of the premier basketball clubs within the Belconnen area, we have helped foster a growing interest in the sport through direct participation in basketball.

Our Belconnen community driven basketball club houses both junior and senior divisions. The divisions are very active in basketball club activities and competitions around Belconnen.  We see our junior program as a way for us to develop the 'future of sport' in Belconnen which is the basketball club's primary goal. The senior program itself was created with a vision of providing a successful transition from juniors into the much larger competitive landscape of Belconnen's other basketball clubs and teams.

Each of our members is a torchbearer in their own right, with every milestone they achieve in the name of basketball. It brings us closer to reaching our basketball club's goal within Belconnen and the broader Canberra community of promoting interest in our chosen sport. As a community-driven basketball club in Belconnen, we aim to achieve this through providing a well-administered club which both open to new ideas within the Belconnen basketball club and community members. as well as innovation in the sport.

We also aim to integrate any new innovations since as a basketball club it is our responsibility to help our members and the community of Belconnen to become well-informed on the sport. In addition, we also promote concepts involving health, wellness, and an active lifestyle. As a registered basketball club in Belconnen, we provide plenty of ways for our members to participate whether it be competitions, practice matches, or training sessions.

We at The Ramblers Basketball Club of Belconnen ideally promotes a fun experience, active participation, and the aim for excellence not just for basketball club members but also the greater Belconnen community. We hope to see you soon at Belconnen's finest premier basketball club.

If you have any additional questions or clarifications please do contact our Belconnen basketball club office. 

Belconnen Basketball Club
The Ramblers Basketball Club
(02) 6253 3066 Belconnen

Registered Belconnen Basketball Club

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Can I Join the Basketball Club even if I live outside Belconnen?

    Yes, we do not limit our membership to residents of Belconnen in order to join the basketball club. We only require a genuine and sincere interest in joining the basketball club. For additional information please contact us, we would be more than happy to answer your questions and clarify any concerns you may have.

  • What is the Basketball's Club Vision for the Belconnen Community?

    Since we became a recognized basketball club in Belconnen we have provided various opportunities for the members of the Belconnen community. These include the chance to learn and develop as sports-minded individuals using basketball as a common ground for interaction.

  • How can I Apply to the Basketball Club?

    In order for one to become a member of the basketball club Belconnen, they must show a genuine and sincere interest in joining. Applications must be in writing and should include information which the Executive Committee might deem necessary. In Addition, the Executive Committee will be the only ones allowed to accept or refuse an application.

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